how to test webpages in IE7,8,9 on linux

ubuntu,webdesign — 2. Jul 2012

there is a free, legal and fairly easy way to test webpages/webapps in IE7,8,9 on mac and linux. i recently learned that microsoft provides virtualbox images created for this purpose. follow these instructions to install one or more VMs with IE. note: the script provided there gave me an error while trying to install a virtualbox extension pack. i had to download that manually from here and load it into virtualbox.

why is this a big deal? because i’m working 100% on linux and testing in IE has been a pain so far. while i do still have a winXP partition on my computer, having to reboot every time i want to test a change is extremely tedious. besides, IE9 doesn’t run on winXP and i’m most definitely not going to buy a vista/win7 license just in order to test IE9 compatibility. what’s more, windows to my knowledge never allowed to install multiple versions of IE alongside each other, so this is the first time i can actually test something in multiple versions of IE without rebooting and/or leaving my usual working environment.

geography training with HTML5

educational,geeky,webdesign — 1. Mar 2012

i was having some fun with native ‘drag-and-drop’ in HTML5. as an exercise for myself, i designed a geography training app. head over to map-o-matic to check it out. needless to say, this works only with the latest generation of web browsers (works on firefox/chrome, doesn’t work on IE).

i mostly followed a tutorial over at

this was also my first time to translate a PHP webapp with gettext/poedit. pretty nifty :)

welcome to html5

geeky,webdesign — 13. Feb 2010

note: this will work only on very modern browsers (latest firefox, opera, safari). it will work partially on chrome (no audio), and it will not work at all on internet explorer.

update march 2012: major update! the game logic has been re-written from scratch (it was buggy), the game now has 5 levels, a reset button, fading effects, and even one very simple animation :) in addition, audio should now work on chrome.